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Supplement Dispensary

Welcome to Fullscript Supplement Dispensary where thousands of professional supplements are available to order and shipped right to your door.  Fullscript has a built-in HIPAA compliant portal that allows for easy communication and ordering of the highest quality supplements, many of which are not found in stores. This is because manufacturers believe that proper education and dosages by healthcare professionals are vital to the proper use of their products.  I use Fullscript to give my clients (YOU!) convenient access to top-quality supplements and features that help keep you on track with your wellness goals. I do this by sending a detailed recommendation following your consultation and when you purchase the supplements I recommend, Fullscript ships the product directly to you.  Refill reminders and an optional autoship feature ensure that you never worry about running low on your wellness products. Fullscript also keeps you up-to-date with the latest health and wellness research by sending evidence-based content created by their integrative medical advisory team. You can unsubscribe anytime, but most of my clients love it! Fullscript cheers you on as you work towards better health and wellness :)


To learn more about Fullscript, watch the short video below.

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